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We at THS Consulting completely understand how difficult and complex it is to commercially design a kitchen. However, we take immense pride in the fact that our leadership qualities can assure you of being your single point of contact throughout the project. We assess the design from a realistic and regulatory viewpoint so as to build a plan that will make the kitchen more efficient.

Our commercial kitchen designers have full knowledge of the local zoning laws thus ensuring compliance


When working on a kitchen plan, investment plays a major role. A wide range of kitchen appliances along with cabinets and workspaces have to be accommodated, each with its own requirement of space, power and functions.  Balancing out all of these tasks is no less than an art form but in the hands of a competent kitchen designer, any space can be recreated into a beautiful kitchen.

What makes a 'good' kitchen?

Whenever it comes to the practical side of kitchen design, the golden rule is to always keep the kitchen work triangle in mind. The routine kitchen activities are repetitious and involve a lot of movement within two or three of the most used parts of the kitchen:

  • No opening windows near the stove
  • Have enough natural light and ventilation
  • Safe knife storage space
  • Where work is done, have bright task lighting

  • For your needs, create an adequate bench space
  • Installation of exhaust fans that emit outside the house
  • Develop accessible storage space

Budget & Space

Budget & Space

we accommodate your design and execution plan based on your budget.

Installation & Service

Installation & Service

THS provides high quality professional service, which is provided by a highly qualified staff.