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Launching and maintaining a restaurant business needs to be driven by an experienced and knowledgeable team. We, at THS Consulting, are qualified and skilled to offer you creative and robust solutions. We have been a playing a vital role in the food and beverage industry by providing an exceptional plans to our clients.


We have crafted comprehensive plans using the tested and approved food and beverage concepts, and effective logistics and operations to make your restaurant business bloom We not only help you during the launch but also push you to maintain it and evolve into a leading restaurant chain in the food and beverage industry

Our team comprises of skilled designers, executives, and business analysts to run your restaurant business. Whether you are looking for contemporary plans or practical solutions for your bar, restaurant, casino, coffee place, conference room, or clubs, we shall provide you with all-inclusive solutions.

We Answer Your Vital Questions

Our team of professionals are aware of the know-how of the food and beverage industry and the current challenges it is facing in the market. We coinsider your key points including

  • Our comprehensive and fixed pricing strategy?
  • What are the steps to leverage your business to help you with constant growth in future?
  • What strategies we use in terms of ecommerce and digitalization?
  • What is our company’s strategic market position?

  • How do we help your business with profitable growth and its management?
  • How can our designed architecture and price plan fulfil your business requirements with regards to your retail partners and consumers?
  • What is our winning value strategy to impress our clients?
  • What do we understand by acquisition strategy? How can we help you become an efficient and reputable name in the marketplace?

Budget & Space

Budget & Space

we accommodate your design and execution plan based on your budget

Installation & Service

Installation & Service

THS provides high quality professional service,which is provided by a highly qualified staff