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Our team of expert professionals at THS Consulting are proud to offer well-planned hospitality solutions to our esteemed clients. we have a huge client base which has been achieved through our high quality results.

Our hard-working and qualified staff members never leave any stone unturned in making our clients happy and satisfied with our services.

Mastering The Art of Hotel & Bar Operations

THS consultancy walks the talk. Our team understands the importance of hotel and bar operations for hoteliers and investors, so we make organized plans to meet their expectations in terms of guest experiences, leadership, and innovations. We make no comprises with respect to our promises.

Our team offers four essential tools – a desirable menu,  resources and tools, the right brand ambassadors, and unique fresh talent.

Why Choose Us?

A bar and beverage space in a hotel is an attractive concept at every level. It is not just a place to drink or have fun but is also a space to communicate, make contacts, and involve in business meetings. whatever your business requirements, we offer proficient elements from our plan.

  • Comprehensive market research
  • Planning and research for capital improvements
  • Monitoring routine operations and keeping the GM informed
  • Analyzing your business’ position in the market and planning to grow

  • Putting to action several controls for efficient yield management
  • Constituting preventive maintenance controls and processes
  • Using premium resources to maximize the business’ revenue returns
  • Working together with the clients to improve standards

Budget & Space

Budget & Space

we accommodate your design and execution plan based on your budget

Installation & Service

Installation & Service

THS provides high quality professional service,which is provided by a highly qualified staff